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Stains On Carpet?

Get professional carpet cleaners to remove all stains, odors, and dirt Residential and Commercial rug cleaning available as well


Everything from your carpets to your draperies can require some cleaning every so often. Sometimes, nasty stains can set in and will require expert assistance to remove without damaging the upholstery. Well, our room cleaning specialists can offer you this assistance, as well as the complete package of carpet, upholstery, and curtain cleaning services. As the leading upholstery, curtain, and carpet cleaning company in Valencia, we take pride in our professionalism. Our stain removal experts know how to get rid of red wine and pet stains in a meticulous and carpet-safe way. Learn more about recent work projects we completed by checking out the summaries below.

Curtain Cleaning Next To Valencia CA

Curtain Cleaning

Customer Issue: Mr. Simmons’ wife started experiencing allergy symptoms when inside the house. This is why he wanted to check curtains off his list a possible source of dust mite allergens.
Our Solution: The first thing we did was to inspect the curtains and make sure we could use our cleaning method without shrinking the fabric. Once we established that, we vacuumed the curtains and removed loosely attached pollutant particles. We applied our cleaning solution and let it sit for a while. It did its job and loosened all deeply embedded dirt which we then removed with a steam extraction process.

Nicholas Simmons - Valencia
Upholstery Cleaning Near Valencia CA

Upholstery Cleaning

Customer Issue: The furniture in Mrs. Williams’ office and waiting room was beginning to look run down.
Our Solution: We started off by vacuuming the furniture to remove any dry contaminants from the fabric. We went on to pre-treat the most heavily soiled areas. Our next step was to extract dirt from deep down using a special rinsing method. We made sure to apply our fabric protector that would prevent any future stains from becoming permanent.

Kimberly Williams - Valencia
Carpet Cleaning In Valencia CA

Carpet Cleaning

Customer Issue: Mr. Jenkins wanted to get rid of allergens and improve the quality of air in his home.
Our Solution: Our customer was going to have a family gathering which is why he needed his house spick and span. We vacuumed the carpeting in each room and pre-soaked the areas with heavy foot traffic. After a while, we turned on our machine which worked the cleaning solution into the carpet and the padding. Then we thoroughly rinsed and dried the carpets. The carpeting was spotless and allergen-free; in other words - beautiful to look at and safe for the little ones to play on.

Brian Jenkins - Valencia
Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Need professional room cleaning services for your Valencia office or other business? We're the company to contact.
Affordable Room Cleaning Services

Affordable Room Cleaning Services

We keep our rates low to ensure every home and business owner in or near Valencia can afford the best carpet and furniture cleaning services around.
Grout & Tile Cleaning

Grout & Tile Cleaning

Need to remove dirt from kitchen or bathroom tiles? We've got tile cleaning specialists near you ready to get the job done right the first time.
Professional Stain Removal

Professional Stain Removal

Whether it's for furniture, carpets or upholstery, our Valencia stain removal experts can achieve flawless results in no time!

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