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Stains On Carpet?

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Common questions you should ask yourself before you do carpet cleaning. Find out the FAQs now.

Is it normal for carpets to shrink after carpet cleaning?

Based on the experiences of seasoned Valencia cleaners, shrinking is not a usual occurrence. If it happens, it suggests that the carpet is of low quality. A standard shrinking test should be done before buying the carpet to avoid this.

Is dry carpet cleaning recommended?

Though dry carpet cleaning can still remove odor and dust, it is not always as effective as wet carpet cleaning. It is still suggested to go for wet carpet cleaning for thorough stain and odor removal. It can be done once in a while.

I just spilled soda on my carpet! What to do?

The first thing that Carpet Cleaning Valencia experts would advise is to place a slightly wet and absorbent rag on the stain. This will allow most of the drink to be absorbed and not make things worse.

Who will handle the carpet cleaning services?

Carpet cleaners are trained professionals armed with the knowledge and adept skill to carry out any of the various treatments and methods for getting the cleanest possible product out of your soiled carpets. They assuredly will be competent in the use of the latest industrial carpet cleaning machinery and trained to handle cleaning materials properly.

Will having carpets cleaned remove pet urine odor?

Dogs and cats typically mark their territory with urine. Even without this behavior, like in the case of "fixed" male pets, they may still take a leak or do their business on the living room carpet especially when there's no litter box present or they're not given frequent access to the outside. When this happens, carpets will smell with the distinct odor of dried urine. Having professional carpet cleaning done will effectively remove both the stain and the very offensive smell with the help of detergents, shampoos and chemical agents.


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