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Here you will find top carpet cleaning tips for general maintenance and more specific issues. Learn how to clean couches, how to store rugs and how to deal with water problems. Are your carpets stained? These tips will be very useful!

Dry carpet cleaning is not that good

If you think dry carpet cleaning will already suffice, you are wrong. Valencia carpet cleaning experts say that it might remove some of the stains and dirt, but wet carpet cleaning is still the better solution. It is also easier to do.

The need to avoid extreme wetness

Just because you do wet carpet cleaning does not necessarily mean your carpet has to swim in water. You need to use minimal amount of water. Excessive amount of water used could damage the carpet and drying could take a much longer time than usual.

Choose the tool for vacuuming your carpet carefully

Check what the manufacturer recommends before you make a decision. Most carpets are well cleaned with a beater bar. Some made of synthetic fabric and having short fibers can benefit from rotating brush cleaning. The most delicate models are best cleaned only with a suction tool using a smaller amount of vacuuming power. Do not miss to adjust the selected tool to the most appropriate setting as well.

Cutting tufts and knots

It's normal for carpets to have knots and tufts develop. When you see some on yours, try to cut them out level to the rest of the fibers. Use sharp scissors to prevent catching and further pulling out of fibers. In under no circumstance should you use a knife or box cutter to cut tufts and knots as these may cause irreparable damage to that area of the carpet due to pulling.


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